Welcome to my mini home and a glimpse into my life with 9 children. 7 of my children are 5 and under so we never have a dull moment in this "establishment". My husband and I had a totally different idea of what life for us was going to be like. When I met my future husband we had the "how many kids do you want talk". I told him I wanted 8 childrena and he said no way. We negotioated to 3 children. Little did we know that God had different and bigger plans. Sit back, relax, and enjoy my circus of a life :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A little Scare...

This morning I had a little scare. I went to the bathroom and noticed a mild spot of blood. Then once more after that. I called my doctor's office and the nurse said that that is a normal thing and they see if very often and it is very common. She said as long as it doesn't change in frequency or color, I have nothing to worry about. YEAH!!!!

Well I have noticed a new symptom. I think my taste buds have changed a little. Today we took the family to Da*iry Que*en and I thought my ice cream was spoiled. I told Mark that the ice cream was spoiled and he siad it's not. I asked all the kids if their ice cream tasted ok, and they all said it tasted very good. I still wasn't convinced so I had Mark tast my specific ice cream and he said it tasted normal and fine. So as I am experiencing a new thing I am WAYYYY disappointed that Dai*ry Quee*n does nit tast goo at the moment ;) NAh, really, I am ok with it. I think it is very exciting to be able to experience all of this. I have been waiting for this for 9 years, any symptom will be welcomed, right???

This weekend we have been camping with the family  and it had been fun. We have had some rain, but all in all it has been a wonderful time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's my turn at last... UPDATED AT BOTTOM

So I have been very quiet here on my blog for a very specific reason. I have been absent because my husband and I are in a court battle with our Foster's son's "grandmother". Although she isn't his grandmother. Long story. So I didn't want to write more about our fertility journey in case she found my blog and tried to enter some of my writing into court. She and her attorney are trying to say we already have to many kids and I didn't want them to use our pregnancy as another slam against us. It is safe now as everything is entered into court and nothing more can be added.

So YES, it is finally  my turn to say I am pregnant :) I just can't believe it. I am so super excited. We have an interesting twist to our fertility journey. Let me tell you what it is. During treatments you are given shots to produce 1 egg (follicle) or sometimes 2. In my case they were just hoping to get 1. Well as I had an ultrasound the doc told me that I have 2 good eggs (follicles). So then that evening I was told to take a trigger shot which allows my body to start ovulating those eggs. So us wise folks (hubby and I ;) ) knew that we had 2 good looking eggs and we knew exactly when we were ovulating. So what we did is, ahem... what married couples do if you know what I mean. Then we proceeded to have our transfer done a few days later. We thought were going to have 2 embryos transfered but they ended up transfereing 3. So now I have the potential to have 5 babies, if my eggs were fertilized by hubby and our three adopted embryos took. So there is a slight chance that this baby(ies) could be genetically ours. Kind of fun to think about isn't it? But, I don't care if it's biologically ours or not. I am just so excited to be pregnant.

My beta number the other day was a 38. I was hoping for it to much higher, but my Dr's office said that it was a VERY strong positive. I was hoping for a larger number, because from what I have seen or read that larger beta numbers indicate multiples. Not always, but most of the time. Don't get me wrong, I will be super happy with one precious baby. So as I write this I am waiting for a call for my second beta number and hoping for a rise in my number :)

During my 2WW (2 week wait) I wasn't stressed, scared, doubtful at all. I was so at peace. The day of my blood draw I was a little uneasy as I felt like I was going to start my period that morning. But low and behold, I was pregnant :)

My symptoms: I have been kind of crampy off and on since about 2 days after my transfer. I have had slight nausea a few times for just a few short minutes. I have a feeling of a slight pulling sensation in my abdomen. Some days I still feel like i am about to start my period. It startles me a little, because for many, many years those feelings were so unwanted as I was hoping to be pregnant. Another symptom is I have been kind of moody, also like I am about to start my period.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers as we are very still early on in my pregnancy. Please pray for a healthy and great pregnancy :)

I go for an ultrasound on June 2nd. I am so excited. We will get to see how many babies we have. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers throughout our journey of infertility.

***UPDATE***  I received a call from my doctor's office and my beta more than doubled, YEAH!!!!! It was an 84. So baby(ies) is still with us, not that I had any doubts.

I forgot to mention another very significant symptom that I have been experiencing.  I have been having to use the bathroom very, VERY frequently. lol. But other than that I feel really good :)