Welcome to my mini home and a glimpse into my life with 9 children. 7 of my children are 5 and under so we never have a dull moment in this "establishment". My husband and I had a totally different idea of what life for us was going to be like. When I met my future husband we had the "how many kids do you want talk". I told him I wanted 8 childrena and he said no way. We negotioated to 3 children. Little did we know that God had different and bigger plans. Sit back, relax, and enjoy my circus of a life :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


This year I could sit and think of many ways that I could have tripped up and not be thankful because of situations that took place this year. I could be mad, bitter, angry, unthankful, sad, depressed. I really could be. But I am not. I AM THANKFUL. I am thankful for the many heart breaking circumstances that took place this year. You see, because of these circumstances I have drawn closer to God, closer than I have ever been.

So in May I was finally so excited to be able to say it was my turn to be pregnant. I was so, so excited. Then a few shorts weeks later we lost our baby. But I am thankful. I am thankful that I was able to carry our baby in my womb for a few shorts weeks before he/she entered into the arms of MY SAVIOR. I am thankful for that. I am thankful because after losing my baby, MY FATHER in HEAVEN carried me through one of the most difficult times of my life. I became closer to HIM. I knew I couldn't get through this without him. I could have became extremely angry at God, I could have ran fast, so super fast the other way. But then I would only be running into more darkness. Really what good was that going to do? I could have had myself a great big pity party. That wouldn't have helped either. So I drew closer to him.

A couple of months later we tried again with the help of fertility treatments in hopes to become pregnant again. Nope it didn't work. I again had a perfect opportunity to get mad, angry,bitter at God. Maybe for the first few minutes, I tried to get mad, but quickly realized that, that wasn't going to help. I am thankful for the opportunity to try for another baby. I am thankful that God held me, he held my tears and told me he would never leave me no forsake you, even in the midst of hurt and pain. I am thankful that it didn't take forever to heal my sorrow. Soon he turned my mourning into dancing! How thankful I am for MY FATHER!

Then a couple of months later was the biggest hit of all. My son, oh my precious son Urijah was taken from us in a matter of minutes. As most know he was our foster son. We had raised him for the past 3 1/2 years. I brought my son home 3 days after he was born. I love my son. Oh I love him so much. I miss him so, so, so much. After 3 1/2 years the court granted consent to a relative (who isn't legally a relative) and we had just a few short minutes to say good-bye and then he was gone. My heart was shattered. Still is. But I AM THANKFUL! I am oh so thankful for the years I had with my son. I am thankful for the joy and humor he brought to our family. The pain of losing a child cannot be put into words. The grief, the heartache, all of it just cannot be described. But I had to hold on to Jesus more than I ever had. I would not have been able to get through those first few days he was gone without my Savior. I am thankful for JESUS CHRIST and my FATHER in heaven. He was my comforter, my source to go to when the pain was to much to bare. He was/is my rock to lean on when when this world is just to much for our carnal minds to grasp, when the pain is just to much. I am thankful he is ALWAYS there even if we don't think so because things don't go the way we want. I am thankful that his path is better than the path I would choose for myself. I am thankful that I can give all my pain, sorrow, worries over to him.

Today I sit here thinking of my 7 children that are sound asleep. I am thankful for a wonderful husband. Today I have so much to be thankful for. God has blessed me so much. He has blessed me with a wonderful life. Yes it is very hard at times, but I would do it all over again for HIM.

Today I would liken you to know the Love that I feel through the Lord Jesus Christ. You see, he took all of our pain, our sorrows with him on the cross, just for us. For you and I. Right now please ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart. To dwell within you. He has promised eternal life. Eternal life in heaven will there will be no more sorrow, there will be no more pain. This life is hard, and I can tell you that I am forever thankful for my Savior. Without him, I am nothing.

Friday, September 30, 2011


So for the past oh 6 months we have had a hard time with Emma. She has been having some extremely serious emotional breakdowns and we were getting very concerned with what to do. I was at a loss and in tears some days because I just didn't know what to do or how to help her. I felt mad, frustrated, sad and every other emotion you can think of. My poor daughter was just not doing well AT ALL.

So as her mom, I was determined to find out what was going on with my sweet girl. I prayed, as well as made several phone calls to her pediatrician and her specialists. We decided that perhaps a change of medication would be best for her. We tried a new medication that was a good medicine. We started with a very small dose. I think the mess did well and I was hoping that this was going to help her. Well she was on it for about a month when we had to make a visit to her eye doctor.

As the eye tech guy was giving her a vision test, Emma kept saying well I can't see that picture. I wasn't concerned at first until her eye doctor came in and said Emma's vision is very' very poor. A very significant increase of vision loss. I was surprised when she told me this. Then we discussed that she had a new med and perhaps this was the cause of her vision issues. The doctor left the room to go do research on this particular medicine. She returns and says that this medicine can cause blurred vision. Well Emma's vision was greatly reduced due to this medication, so I took her off if it immediately.

So then the next day, I put her back on her old medicine and she is doing wonderful! Not sure why, but I am a happy momma again! Oh wait, I know, the Lord answers prayers!!! We also started giving her naps again. I am so thankful that we homeschool, because she would not get her much needed nap.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Well I guess I have been coping fairly well lately. At times I get really down and sad about the whole situation. I'll be fine and then I'll get sad. Yes all these emotions happen quite frequently throughout the day. On Friday I had a really good day ALL day. I was very thankful for that. On Saturday and Sunday it was an up and down roller coaster of emotions. But I am able to get through well, I think. Sometimes I am just not sure what I feel, or how to even put my feelings into words.

I am having pain on and off most days. Last week Wednesday was pretty painful and throughout the night was extremely painful. I thought my body was doing what it needed to do for the baby, but nothing happened :/ Friday I had no pain at all and Saturday was good too. Yesterday the pain returned and today there hasn't been any pain. When I say pain, I really mean cramping pain. So we will see. If nothing happens one week from today, I will need to call my doctor.

I just wonder if I will be as excited if we become pregnant like I was this time or will I be more reserved. I want to be just as excited, but right now I am a little scared. I am putting my trust in the Lord and together we are working on that. Knowing me, I will probably jump in with both feet again and proclaim my pregnancy to everyone, just like I did this time. With so much support and love from family and friends, I want you to experience this journey with us, through good or bad.  I hope you all with be just as joyful next time, just as you all were this time.

I want to thank everyone for their support they showed us through this difficult time. It meant alot to us!!!  Thank you to two dear friends who brought dinner over for us. That was special. I also want to thank my best friend/cousin who offered to help us anytime we needed it, and said she would help with anything we might have needed help with. That meant so much to us. Also I want to thank my other cousin (S.K.) for her offering of help as well!!!!! You must understand each one of these mentioned ladies have large families that range from 4-9 children and they so graciously offered to help and they gave us so much support. WOW, you ladies are AWESOME and a huge blessing to our family. Thanks so much!!!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

No Air in the Room...

I literally know what it feels like when all the air is sucked out of a room in a few short seconds. I know because I was the one who sucked every ounce of air out of that patient room today trying to gain some perspective on what I was was seeing and lack of what I wasn't hearing on the ultrasound machine today. The look on my doctors face is one that I wish I can forget. I wish everything today was just a dream and I can wake up and know my baby is still cozy in my womb. But, you see it's real. VERY raw and VERY real. It happened, it's not a dream.

I have realized today that I will never feel my baby kick. I won't know if my baby was a boy or a girl. I will never hear the wondrous sound of my babies pounding heartbeat. I will never give birth to my child. My baby will not be here when they told me Jan 30, 2012.  How can this be happening???? I am again, without child, and fighting to be like all the other mothers out there who can give birth. I am no longer pregnant. Well pregnant until my body naturally does what it needs to do for this baby. For almost 10 long years I have yearned to be pregnant and my baby vanished in an instant.

I have a very real realization that life is so short and can be gone in a flash. I have gained a greater insight that my beautiful children that are with me could be gone in an instant. We aren't guaranteed life for forever. Lord forbid anything ever happen to my children. But it makes me appreciate them and love them to the very core of my being. Yes, I already do love them to the very core, but I mean this is real. We are only allotted the time our Father chooses for us.

My God was with me today. He comforted me in a big way. I knew he was there holding me along with my husband. He loves me. He loves my unborn child more than I could ever dream of.  He is an amazing Father. He knows my sorrow. I will bring him glory through this situation. I know not his plan for my life or my children's life or my unborn child's life. My baby isn't frozen anymore (if this was our embryo baby) and is rejoicing with the angels today. If nothing else, I was able to bring my baby out of the freezer and into the arms of Jesus. I wish with all my heart, I could hold my baby. To kiss his/her sweet face. To smell the sweet smell of my baby. To embrace my baby, I have longed for, for so many years. Not this time, I won't have that chance with my baby, but I know my Jesus is doing all of that for me. I can't explain why I won't see my baby this side of heaven, but I do know that I can take comfort in my Jesus as I grieve this tremendous loss. So I wait again.

I can with a slight smile say that I was pregnant for at least 6 weeks. I was able to experience some pregnancy things. And with that I can say thank you Jesus for allowing me 6+ precious weeks with my little one. I pray and ask for your comfort and to bring me peace in my situation.

Until next time.....


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fountain Time

Yesterday we had a fun time at the water fountain near our house. Unfortunately I have no pictures as my camera seems to be broke. I will post pics of our time there last year so you all can see the fountain. It's not what you might think of when I say fountain. This thing is massive and it is for kids to play in. The best part: It's free :) We had a wonderful time despite the fact that I am extremely  sun burnt. Thank goodness my kids didn't get burnt.

Everything seems to be going great with the baby(ies). I am officially 3 weeks pregnant today!!!! I am still feeling really good. I do still have some slight nausea, but it certainly isn't bad at all. I am still feeling cramps throughout the day that I really don't like . They feel like menstrual cramps and I hate that. At least it only last for a few seconds. I am so not complaining, I just don't like the cramping feeling that has plagued me for so many years and I want it to stop. But I guess I can look at it this way: baby is growing :). Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. We get to see how many babies are in there. I can't wait. I will for sure update and let everyone know!!!!! WOW, my very first ultrasound EVER!!!!!!!! It's so surreal!!!! I am still in awe that I have a baby(ies)growing inside. I have so waited for this. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with this/these baby(ies). I don't think I will ever be able to thank you enough for this miracle or the miracle of my other children. Lord, You heard me many,many years ago while I was still just a little girl that I wanted to have a large family. I didn't know that at the time you would mold our family the way you have. You have given us so many miracles. I love each and every one of my beautiful children. I had no idea at the time that this would be the way you would bring my large family to me. I know you heard my request as a young girl and you had the perfect plan to increase our family. Now as we have one more child to adopt through the foster care system, you now have blessed me with another miracle growing inside of my womb :) You are an amazing GOD. Yes I will say this, I do hope you still plan to increase our family as you choose. I would love more. It would be my honor to raise children for your glory and raise mighty children of God. To raise warriors for your kingdom and to populate this earth with God fearing children.

I hope to start uploading pics to this very boring, no pictures blog lately, hehehe. No but really I do want to to start adding pics. My camera is on a Sabbatical or on strike or something. It's just not working right. So please understand that my blog might be void of pictures still :(  Thanks for listening to my rambling today!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A little Scare...

This morning I had a little scare. I went to the bathroom and noticed a mild spot of blood. Then once more after that. I called my doctor's office and the nurse said that that is a normal thing and they see if very often and it is very common. She said as long as it doesn't change in frequency or color, I have nothing to worry about. YEAH!!!!

Well I have noticed a new symptom. I think my taste buds have changed a little. Today we took the family to Da*iry Que*en and I thought my ice cream was spoiled. I told Mark that the ice cream was spoiled and he siad it's not. I asked all the kids if their ice cream tasted ok, and they all said it tasted very good. I still wasn't convinced so I had Mark tast my specific ice cream and he said it tasted normal and fine. So as I am experiencing a new thing I am WAYYYY disappointed that Dai*ry Quee*n does nit tast goo at the moment ;) NAh, really, I am ok with it. I think it is very exciting to be able to experience all of this. I have been waiting for this for 9 years, any symptom will be welcomed, right???

This weekend we have been camping with the family  and it had been fun. We have had some rain, but all in all it has been a wonderful time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's my turn at last... UPDATED AT BOTTOM

So I have been very quiet here on my blog for a very specific reason. I have been absent because my husband and I are in a court battle with our Foster's son's "grandmother". Although she isn't his grandmother. Long story. So I didn't want to write more about our fertility journey in case she found my blog and tried to enter some of my writing into court. She and her attorney are trying to say we already have to many kids and I didn't want them to use our pregnancy as another slam against us. It is safe now as everything is entered into court and nothing more can be added.

So YES, it is finally  my turn to say I am pregnant :) I just can't believe it. I am so super excited. We have an interesting twist to our fertility journey. Let me tell you what it is. During treatments you are given shots to produce 1 egg (follicle) or sometimes 2. In my case they were just hoping to get 1. Well as I had an ultrasound the doc told me that I have 2 good eggs (follicles). So then that evening I was told to take a trigger shot which allows my body to start ovulating those eggs. So us wise folks (hubby and I ;) ) knew that we had 2 good looking eggs and we knew exactly when we were ovulating. So what we did is, ahem... what married couples do if you know what I mean. Then we proceeded to have our transfer done a few days later. We thought were going to have 2 embryos transfered but they ended up transfereing 3. So now I have the potential to have 5 babies, if my eggs were fertilized by hubby and our three adopted embryos took. So there is a slight chance that this baby(ies) could be genetically ours. Kind of fun to think about isn't it? But, I don't care if it's biologically ours or not. I am just so excited to be pregnant.

My beta number the other day was a 38. I was hoping for it to much higher, but my Dr's office said that it was a VERY strong positive. I was hoping for a larger number, because from what I have seen or read that larger beta numbers indicate multiples. Not always, but most of the time. Don't get me wrong, I will be super happy with one precious baby. So as I write this I am waiting for a call for my second beta number and hoping for a rise in my number :)

During my 2WW (2 week wait) I wasn't stressed, scared, doubtful at all. I was so at peace. The day of my blood draw I was a little uneasy as I felt like I was going to start my period that morning. But low and behold, I was pregnant :)

My symptoms: I have been kind of crampy off and on since about 2 days after my transfer. I have had slight nausea a few times for just a few short minutes. I have a feeling of a slight pulling sensation in my abdomen. Some days I still feel like i am about to start my period. It startles me a little, because for many, many years those feelings were so unwanted as I was hoping to be pregnant. Another symptom is I have been kind of moody, also like I am about to start my period.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers as we are very still early on in my pregnancy. Please pray for a healthy and great pregnancy :)

I go for an ultrasound on June 2nd. I am so excited. We will get to see how many babies we have. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers throughout our journey of infertility.

***UPDATE***  I received a call from my doctor's office and my beta more than doubled, YEAH!!!!! It was an 84. So baby(ies) is still with us, not that I had any doubts.

I forgot to mention another very significant symptom that I have been experiencing.  I have been having to use the bathroom very, VERY frequently. lol. But other than that I feel really good :)

Monday, January 31, 2011


I LOVE homeschooling my children. It is so much fun being able to see them learn. Another reason why I love to home school, is the fact that I couldn't stand being away from my children ALL day, let alone even for a few hours. I love being with my children. I wouldn't like sending them away to the wolves, IMO. Not knowing what kid is going to come along and teach then something they aren't ready to hear or learn. They are my babies and I don't want another person training my children. I chose to have these children and if I want kids, it just seems irrelevant to want to send them away for 12 hrs. a day, or even the thought of not wanting to be around them. I love being around them, they are my babies. Of course they may annoy me, or do things that are not appropriate, but that still does not warrant me to want to send them off to someone else. NO WAY!!! When we have an amazing homeschooling state and we can home school without interference with the government, why wouldn't I want to jump at that privilege. So you say, It is not for me. Why not? God granted you these babies and you can do anything through Christ who strengthens you. I am not saying that you must home school because I do, but I am just showing the other side and another option. If I can home school 6 special needs children then anyone can home school their children.

Public schools and even private schools are just not like they used to be. We should be able to freely voice and stand for Christ in Public schools, but you know, that is slowly, er, quickly diminishing. Do you want to be apart of that when the bible strictly tells to be set apart?  I get to freely teach my children all day every day about the things of God. I get to train my children in Godly character traits that many people lack these days. My children are held at a very high standard for their conduct towards others and their respect towards family, friends and others. I would not be able to do that by sending my children to school everyday. One Sunday is just not enough to instill Godly Character in children. Children need a constant reminder on a DAILY basis the correct biblical conduct of their behavior. I get to work diligently with them daily. We must hold high standards for our children in this day and age if we want our children to make a stand for Christ as they age into their teen and adult years. The world is so corrupt and it isn't going to get better. The bible instructs us to train up our children in the way they should go, and when he is old he will not depart form it. Really, can your child's school teacher really teach them Godly character traits. No they cannot. It is our responsibility as parents. No body Else's.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

More donations

I am so very excited that we had two donations come in this past Friday!!! I am overjoyed to those that have unselfishly given to us. We cannot be more thankful and grateful. Any donation is a huge blessing to us.

We have about $400 dollars more to be able to view profiles and chose are beautiful embryos. I cannot wait to be able to view profiles. Once we chose the profile we want to go with then those babies will be ours. YEAH, how exciting. We are hoping to be able to be pregnant by April. Oh, I really cannot wait.

If you still wish to donate to our embryo adoption and be apart of this wonderful adoption experience with us, we would be more than thrilled. Remember these are human lives frozen in time, and with a waiting womb, and a willing heart, my husband and I have decided that the best route for us to take in achieving a pregnancy and birth is to chose children who are ultimately frozen indefinitely. We are so blessed that this option is available to infertile couples wanting to experience pregnancy. If you are still a little confused by all of this, basically Mark and I are adoption frozen embryos, which will be un-thawed and placed in my womb in hopes of a successful pregnancy. How marvelous is that. If you are still unsure about donating to our adoption,  you can help by beginning to pray for our future children. Please pray that I would be able to achieve a pregnancy and deliver a baby. That is the ultimate goal for us.

I would also like to ask that negative thoughts be put aside. Thoughts that we have enough children already. Thoughts that God told us we would have a child. He did, but never did he say a biological child. This is the road we feel God is leading us down. Of course, I still pray daily for a biological child, but perhaps he wants us to do embryo adoption first to save a few frozen babies. Whatever your thoughts may be, can you all work with us and support us positively thorough this journey, and lay aside any thoughts and opinions. We are very grateful for every one's prayers and financial support while we strive for a pregnancy, which is what I very much desire. Thank  you for understanding!!!! Much love to you all!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Waiting and Passing

     So yesterday we got the call about 5 profiles we could look at from our fertility clinic. Meaning that we could have chosen our babies yesterday. Unfortunately, we had to pass on ALL of those profiles because we are still short on the funds we need. I am very bummed as we could have chosen them.  I am bummed that those embie babies could have possibly been our babies. I am one to not say no to children. Maybe that is the reason for having 7 children already, lol ;) It just breaks my heart. But I just have tot rust God that the perfect babies are waiting for us. I so wish we could have said yes to those babies. Well I pray that those babies will be given the opportunity for life through another couple and that couple can experience pregnancy and childbirth. Please keep us in your prayers and please continue to pray that all the funds we need to complete our embryo adoption will come in.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 and 2011

Well welcome to 2011 everyone. I am happy to begin a new year. 2010 was a good year but we had many battles to overcome as well. I am going to review 2010 and post my thoughts, hopes and resolutions for 2011. So here goes:

     2010: Well first and foremost in 2010 my dear husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this past September. Our 10 years have been quite a journey. We have 9 children and this year was our very best year of marriage. We are just drenched in love from our childrena and we both are loving life.
     Another important thing to happen in 2010 was the finalization of our adopted daughter Adyline. We are so blessed to have her as our daughter and she is such a joy. Another thing that I am happy about is that we were able to purchase a travel trailer so that we can take our entire family on family vacations. This is the easiest and most affordable vactioning we do as we have such a large faimily. We had a great time in our camper in 2010 and we cannot wait to do it again this year.
     In June my parents moved in with us and I am enjoying it. Of course the children couldn't be more thrilled with having their grandparents living with them. The really are enjoying it.
    In December, we were asked if we would be willing to do a newpaper article for our local newspaper about our unique family. Then we were asked to do another article for another newspaper as well. We were thrilled to do this in hopes to get the word out about foster care/adoption. We hope that with our article people were inspired to become foster parents. There is a HUGE need of foster parents all the time. Seriously, what more could you do than give your heart and time and love and a home to a foster child or a child waiting for a home? If everyone were to do as the bible instructs, there should be NO, and I mean NO orphanes in this world today. You may think it is not for me. And I am going to bodly ask, what is not for you? Are you saying you can't provide time to a parentless child. Does your job take to much of your time. Really, I think that's an excuse. Do you have a house? Most will answer yes. Well I guess that elimiates that excuse. Do you have a heart. Well of course the answer will be yes. Well I guess everyone can qualify to be a foster/adoptive parent if you have a loving heart. Well some might say, well I already have 2.5 kids, I surley couldn't have 3 or 4 kids. Really. You can't, WHY? Because you don't want to split your time even more. So you're gonna sit back and say, Oh no, I have 2.5 kids, yet there is 500,000 orphanes sitting without a mom or dad and you can't give up a little more of you space, your time, or better yet, you can't divide your time with an adopted child and biological children. Well I must add that Jesus adopted everyone of us. Did you know that Jesus was adopted by Joseph. Hmmmmm, JESUS himself was adopted. Really, I know his heart must be aching for the children of this world and he looks at you and I and he knows we can provide and he is waiting for us to make a difference. The question is, are we such a selfish country that we just close our eyes and turn our backs on these children. Do you think that is what Jesus is doing to these children? NO WAY, he is crying out to you and I to rescue these children. ENOUGH of the excuses. If I can do this, you all CAN too. No I am not a special person, God called EVERYONE (you and I) to care for the orphanes and widows. Um, yup, he sure did. AND above all else we were adopted by GOD to. How fair is it that he adopted us, yet we can't adopt a child. Just 1 child. If everyone would adopt 1 child, it would make a huge difference. Did you know in Eastern Europe, when a special needs child who has been afflicted with down syndrome, becomes 4 years old they are CHAINED, yes, CHAINED to a crib and left with no affection and fed just enough to sustain and eventually they will die. Yes, I am asking did you know that? It is no joke. I am crying out along with my God, Please, Please consider adopting a child in 2011. Well you say, I cannot afford to adopt overseas. Well, I must agree it is very expensive. However, In America, adopting through the foster care system is VERY inexpensive. I guess you can't use that as excuse. You may ask, well how inexpensive is it, like $10,000? Nope a measly, $161. Maybe instead of buying the latest and greatest cell phone, or going to that overly expensive restaurant, or that fancy vacation. Can you spare $161? I know most of you can. So what are you going to do about it. Turn your eyes away or make a difference in a child's future. Ok, I must get off of my soapbox!
     Courtney: She is going to college to become a nurse and she is doing very well in school.
     Madisyn: Well Madi is doing well in school and she has adjusted to High School life. She is such an amazing girl. She helps so much with her siblings and I couldn't be more thankful. She ADORES her siblings and for that I am very grateful. I love her so much and I hope 2011 will be an amazing year for her.
     Corey: He is not my little boy anymore. He is growing up so much. Corey learned how to ride a two-wheeled bike and he is so excited about that. He is doing much better with homeschooling this year. We changed curriculums for him and it seems to be working do far. He has begun doing some chores and he loves helping me when I need it! He is such a great son. He has a sensitive heart and is a very caring boy.
     Owen: Wow he is such a stinker.  He is the family clown. He is very funny and the family loves to laugh at the silly things he does. Owen is flourishing in his school work. He is excited to be doing school like everyone else.
     Arianna: She is excelling in school. I forsee her to be doing 2nd grade work by summertime. She is a very smart little girl. She is a great reader and she continues to amaze me with her reading abilities. She is doing well in Math too. She has been getting perfect scores on her tests. It may sound like I am bragging, but you must know that her biological mother is mentally handicapped, so her being so intelligent is a miracle. Arianna also has learned how to ride a two-wheeled bike. She thinks she is mini mom and tried to rule the roost around here. But that doesn't last to long as she is quite demanding about her orders to her siblings, lol.
     Emma: Just recently Emma has been doing well with her behavior and for that I am thanful. We are slowly plugging away at school with her as it is still very overwheling for her, but nonetheless, she is doing well. Emma learned how to ride a bike, albeit with training wheels, but at least she can ride a bike. I am amazed that she finally is tall enough to reacht he pedals on the bike.
     Isaiah: He is making so much progress. He is speaking about 30 words and is starting to put two-word sentences together occasionally. He is almost walking, so we are plugging away at that. Overall his health has been good this past year!
     Adyline: What a cutie pie. She is also a smart little girl. She is a little sneaky though. She is very funny and she hates bugs and the word bug. She will scream if you say the word, it is pretty funny to say the least. She is testing her boundaries in the area of vocalization. She tries to talk back, but let me just say that is short lived and not allowed in this house. She is learning quickly though.
     Urijah: He is our explorer. He is into everything and anything. He is very stubborn and strong willed, but oh so cute :) He is also a smart boy. He doesn't like to sit still at times and he seems to always be getting into trouble, lol.
     Now for the not so good parts of 2010. We had a huge battle with our foster son Urijah. We have battling to keep him since February. By the Grace of God we were granted the adoption of our little man. However, the relative has filed a section 45. That hearing will be held Feb. 11, but from what I here we should have no worries. Basically a section 45 is an appeal that the competing either competing party files if they do not agree with the decsion. So the relative does not agree with Lansing granting us adoption of our son whom we have had since birth and he will be turning 3 in May. Also this so-called-relative is not a legal relative so we have that in our favor too. But it has been very tiring and we have had to spend ALOT of money on a lawyer, but I am very thankful and have no regrets of doing what we did. We were thankful that we got the BEST attorney in our state. We were not messing around with this! We wanted the best of the best and that is what we got.
     I had to testify in Isaiah's case in May with his biological parents present. That was very hard for me in a way. I had made somewhat of a relationship with his biological mom and I knew it was going to be very intense at the hearing. But, I knew for my son's sake I had to do it. I was told I did a fabulous job and that it was one of the best testimonies they have heard. I thanked the Lord for his grace and peace that day and giving me the correct words to speak, it was qutie nerve wrecking. I think other than those two major things, 2010 was a pretty good year.
     Now 2011: My top hop for this year is that I will become pregnant in whatever way the Lord sees fit. We are pursuing Embryo adoption, but I still pray the Lord will bless me with child if he seed fit befre that. If not, I am very thankful to be doing Embryo adoption as it will give me a chance of being pregnant and hopefully give birth to a healthy baby.
     In hopes of becoming pregant, however it might happen, my husband and I are going to make our bodies healthy. We are beginning P90X and eating better, adding vitamins and herbs into our daily diet as well.
     In 2011 our last two adoptions will be finalized (Isaiah and Urijah). I cannot believe we will be DHS (Department of Human Services) free in 2011, lol. It is going to be kind of wierd as I am so used to them in our lives. But I am ready to move forward. Of course if they called with a child, I would say yes in a heartbeat even if it meant having DHS back in our lives.
     Well that turned into a massive post!!! I pray everyone has a great 2011!!!!

In Christ,