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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another topic...

                                                        Pic of Cameron and hubby Mark

So I just tried to write a blog about a very special person, but the words were not forming right. So I saved it and I will finish at a later time when I can hopefully express my thoughts more clearly. So I will write on another topic today.

My day has been a litlle crazy. For that matter my week has been crazy. We have been very busy and not busy with school, ugh :( We have had alot of arrands to do this week. Hopefully we will be able to somehow make this week of school up. I am sure I can, even if we have to do Saturday and Sunday school. I do not like missing school at all.

Anyway, my little miss Emma is having a pretty rough week. She has been quite defiant. Hopefully it will pass quickly. I am hoping for a better week next week. We have had two little ones that I have been watching since this past Saturday. If the schedule changes or something changes with the family dynamics she gets a little uneasy. It's not that she dislikes the new kids it is just hard for her to adjust. Things will be back to normal next week and I think she will be better. Today was really difficult for her. Cameron went for an overnight visit with his grandmother, yesterday, (this grandmother is trying to gain custody of him now after 2 years of him being with us, ugh) and the kids are not dong well with that. They are really upset by this. We are all praying that he stays with is. So again another change has happened and she might be unhappy but unable to express how she feels in words. Change is so hard for my Emma.

We have all enjoyed the 2 little ones we have had this week. They are so adorable and they did very well. These two little ones are foster children as well. We were watching them for their foster mom who had surgery this week. One of them got sick but it was all good. She made it through and it was very brief. They are leaving in just a little bit and Cameron will be back in a couple of hours. I can't wait.

Continue to pray for our ordeal with Cameron. The DHS is not budging and they are very in favor of sending him with his grandma. We now are having to take them to court which is really unfortunate, but we feel this is the right decision for Cameron. Cameron has known no other family. We have had him since his birth. We took him home from the hospital and we are all very attached. I pray we will only have to go to court one time and the desicion will be made. It can get very expensive (which we have already spent several thousand dollars on a lawyer). But we got the best of the best when choosing our lawyer. We wanted the best. We feel very strong that Cameron should stay with us. So please keep us in your prayers. It is a very difficult process for my husbamd and myself. We are trying not to get to stressed. But honestly that is very difficult.

Well I guess I wrote on more than one topic, but hey it is all good :)

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