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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WOW 5 Years old today...

My little man is 5 years old today. It really has just gone by so very fast. It is just amazing how much my little guy has changed and matured over this past year. He is growing into a handsome young boy. Not that he wasn't already. But something about being five just makes me look at my kids differenlty. He is entering into a different phase of life and I am excited to see what his 5th year of life will bring him. It is awesome to celebrate this birthday with my precious blessing. So here are some pics of his special 5th birthday.
He has never watched spider man so I have no idea how he got into liking spider man so much.

Blowing out his birthday candle.

The spider man toy grandma bought him.

The motorcycle jacket grandma got him. We all loved this coat.

His new spider man bike daddy and mommy got him. He got to pick from 3 bikes and he choose the spider man one, of course :)

This is the first day we got Owen. He was 14 months old. My he really looks different.

And another one from his first day with us.

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