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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


     I said that I would be posting about my kiddos in these next several posts. Today I am not going to be writing about my next precious blessing from God. I am waiting for my mind to clear. I want that post to be just right. I do not feel that today I can write it well. The reason being is that I have had a huge amount of stress these past few days.  We have had alot of things come up so quickly and I am trying to sort everything all out. My mind is foggy and I don't really think I would be able to write a good post about my next little guy. I am hurt, sad, angry, shocked and who knows what else. I have got word that the adoption worker for my little Cameron is requesting that he be placed with his grandma. You see, We have had since birth. We picked him up from the hospital. He is now 19 months old almost 20 months and they want to move him now. Why now. We are in the adoption process for this little man. My heart is torn, it is crashing, shattering, riping out of my chest. Oh my lord help me get through this. This is tough. Very tough. But regardless I will keep fighting until I can't fight anymore.  I pray that tomorrow will be a better day!!!!!

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lisa e said...

this entry ripped at my heart, becuz we are going thru a similar situation w/our lil man we've had since he was 2 wks old. hes now 2 & as we believed we were moving towards adoption, the bio father has come forward.
i pray for our hearts' desires for both our situations.
Trusting in God, in all things.
prayers for you & your beautiful family.