Welcome to my mini home and a glimpse into my life with 9 children. 7 of my children are 5 and under so we never have a dull moment in this "establishment". My husband and I had a totally different idea of what life for us was going to be like. When I met my future husband we had the "how many kids do you want talk". I told him I wanted 8 childrena and he said no way. We negotioated to 3 children. Little did we know that God had different and bigger plans. Sit back, relax, and enjoy my circus of a life :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fountain Time

Yesterday we had a fun time at the water fountain near our house. Unfortunately I have no pictures as my camera seems to be broke. I will post pics of our time there last year so you all can see the fountain. It's not what you might think of when I say fountain. This thing is massive and it is for kids to play in. The best part: It's free :) We had a wonderful time despite the fact that I am extremely  sun burnt. Thank goodness my kids didn't get burnt.

Everything seems to be going great with the baby(ies). I am officially 3 weeks pregnant today!!!! I am still feeling really good. I do still have some slight nausea, but it certainly isn't bad at all. I am still feeling cramps throughout the day that I really don't like . They feel like menstrual cramps and I hate that. At least it only last for a few seconds. I am so not complaining, I just don't like the cramping feeling that has plagued me for so many years and I want it to stop. But I guess I can look at it this way: baby is growing :). Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. We get to see how many babies are in there. I can't wait. I will for sure update and let everyone know!!!!! WOW, my very first ultrasound EVER!!!!!!!! It's so surreal!!!! I am still in awe that I have a baby(ies)growing inside. I have so waited for this. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with this/these baby(ies). I don't think I will ever be able to thank you enough for this miracle or the miracle of my other children. Lord, You heard me many,many years ago while I was still just a little girl that I wanted to have a large family. I didn't know that at the time you would mold our family the way you have. You have given us so many miracles. I love each and every one of my beautiful children. I had no idea at the time that this would be the way you would bring my large family to me. I know you heard my request as a young girl and you had the perfect plan to increase our family. Now as we have one more child to adopt through the foster care system, you now have blessed me with another miracle growing inside of my womb :) You are an amazing GOD. Yes I will say this, I do hope you still plan to increase our family as you choose. I would love more. It would be my honor to raise children for your glory and raise mighty children of God. To raise warriors for your kingdom and to populate this earth with God fearing children.

I hope to start uploading pics to this very boring, no pictures blog lately, hehehe. No but really I do want to to start adding pics. My camera is on a Sabbatical or on strike or something. It's just not working right. So please understand that my blog might be void of pictures still :(  Thanks for listening to my rambling today!!!!

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